Reddit is full of business opportunities

We know it's hard keeping up with communities on Reddit, cut through the noise. Receive a weekly report with the most popular trends, topics and detailed analytics.


We're currently building the MVP version of the engine that will power this newsletter. Expect to see more features in the coming weeks.

Multiple subreddits, one community

Focus on your own work, while we monitor multiple subreddits for you giving you a clear summary over the conversations in your community.

Discover community trends

By analyzing 1000s of conversations in your community we discover prominent topics and popular trends, putting you in the driver seat.

Jump into the right conversations

Understanding your community's problems is all about finding the right conversations. Tell us which you want to join, and we'll find them for you.

Back to the future!

We provide you state-of-the-art predictions of which trends will be popular in the future, so you can stay ahead of your competition.


Bringing customer discovery into the future

By using the latest advancement in LLMs (Large language models), we are able to quickly analyze millions of posts and comments from Reddit, getting insights that would otherwise take weeks of man hours to gather.

With this in hand, you're able to always stay on top of what conversations are going on in your audience, letting you discover/validate/build just what you need to.

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